1.  live an adventurous life; don’t live in fear

2.  stay healthy; increase endurance & flexibility

3.  do something creative every day; never stop writing

4.  learn to safely use a variety of power tools & build our own raised vegetable beds 

5.  profoundly influence the life of a young person

6.  raise my own flock of hens; design & help build the coop 

7.  zip-line through a tree canopy

8.  learn to throw pottery or weave on a loom

9.  grow our own vegetables and start the plants from seed 

10.  grow our own apples, oranges, lemons, limes and figs

11.  make a point to walk the coastal trail with my sweetheart on a weekly basis 

12.  keep only the things we use & love 

13.  sell our unused belongings and use the funds to do something on this list 

14.  continue to sponsor animal rescue and T-N-R volunteers 

15.  retire with enough means to read, write, hike & swim daily, and travel often

16.  help protect endangered plover nesting sites along the coast

17.  learn another language via immersion

18.  try vermicomposting (composting with worms!)

19.  replace our lawn with native plants and edibles 

20.  take dancing lessons with my sweetheart

21.  eat pastizzi in Malta

22.  go surfing again

23.  sleep under the stars

24.  teach others to appreciate the night sky & decrease ambient light pollution

25.  learn to play the guitar

26.  keep a bottle of Champagne in the fridge at all times; celebrate the little things

27.  start a tradition of Sunday suppers with friends and/or family

28.  plan a trip to New Zealand & Heron Island, Australia

29.  visit Australia; see kangaroos, wombats, koalas, penguins, kookaburras, rainbow lorikeets, galas, splendid fairy wrens and perhaps even a platypus in the wild

30.  experience Venice in the winter

31.  celebrate Christmas in Italy

32.  display my photographs

33.  go back to giving handmade gifts 

34.  drive the Beartooth Highway; visit the Grand Tetons & Yellowstone

35.  eat pho in Vietnam, chicken rice in Singapore & dosa masala in India

36.  return to Cooper Island & take my sweetheart snorkeling

37.  return to Malta & Gozo for an extended trip with my sister

38.  learn to make pastizzi from scratch

39.  reduce meat consumption & eat only humanely raised livestock or go vegetarian

40.  participate in community supported agriculture

41.  encourage friends & family to support their local farmers

42.  tour the Boeing Factory in Everett, Washington

43.  experience the Grand Canyon

44.  travel by train again; perhaps the Danube Express from Istanbul to Budapest?

45.  fight depression by staying active and helping those less fortunate

46.  be a positive role model

47.  finish writing my book & get it published

48.  when we can no longer travel, open my own small hotel

49.  treat each day as if it were my last

50.  make my family proud