Hello. My name is Carolyn Piotroski. I was born in Detroit, grew up in the suburbs and have two older sisters and three older brothers. I’m old enough to have celebrated the bicentennial, but too young (sadly!) to remember the moon landing. My mom taught me to make biscuits from scratch, the difference between inexpensive and cheap and the importance of not taking crap from anyone. My dad taught me to paddle a canoe silently, appreciate nature, tend a vegetable patch and wait for the good stuff.

I’m a former science teacher and lifelong plant geek who loves to travel, read, write, hike, garden, watch birds, make things, design experiments and canoe. I’m a classic INTJ. Social situations simultaneously thrill and exhaust me. If you think introverts are simply shy, do us all a favor and watch this TED talk, “The power of introverts” by Susan Cain.

I currently live in northern California with my husband and our two indoor cats.  I like the California quail, hummingbirds, lizards and salamanders that hang out in our yard, the long growing season, the lack of humidity in the summer and the ability to keep my windows open year round. I dislike the need to drive everywhere and the way so many Californians feel the need to guess where I’m from.

Previously, we lived in Ann Arbor and Evanston; both have fabulous farmers markets and are very walkable cities. According to my nephews, I make exceptionally good strawberry jam, bake excellent cookies and am very good at planning vacations. I love to write and make photographs, but hate the word “blog.”

I am curiously different.

Queen’s Pier, Hong Kong, circa 2005

Thanks for stopping by.

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