July 2014: a month in review

Sweet CornCan you believe it’s August already? We returned to Northern California just in time to enjoy July – my favorite not-too-hot month full of sunshine, blue skies, morning fog, World Cup soccer matches and lots of homegrown sweet corn, green beans and cucumbers.

Green Beans & Corn #1On July 19th, after weeks of preparation, I helped my dear friend Kerry participate in a local edible landscape garden walk.  We were thrilled by the incredible turnout and delighted to meet so many fellow gardeners, beginners and masters alike. Everyone loved Kerry’s “Three Sisters Garden” – an ancient space saving technique that combines sweet corn, pole beans and acorn squash in a single, mutually beneficial plot.

Green Beans & Corn #2

These pole beans are a variety that turn purple when mature and bright green when cooked. I just love them, they’re delicious raw!

PeachesAt the same time, the fruit on Kerry’s mature peach tree – a towering specimen that’s been growing in her yard for at least 20 years – began ripening in earnest. She was deluged with bushels of enormous juicy peaches and for the next two weeks we ate our fill of fresh peaches, canned countless pints of delicious peach-mango chutney, low-sugar peach jam and peach halves in light syrup, made homemade peach leather, peaches poached in brandy (served over vanilla ice cream – YUM!), peach crisp (with more vanilla ice cream!) and peach popsicles! And finally, after freezing several pounds worth of peeled and pitted peach halves, she gave the rest of the peaches (another bushel!) away to friends and neighbors before we all left for Yosemite!

Tunnel View - SummerMore on that soon!

I hope you’re enjoying your summer!


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