On this day …

Anzio Beach Head War CemeteryOn this, the 70th Anniversary of D-Day, I’d like to take a moment to honor all those men and women who served so selflessly and gave their lives for others.

Anzio Unknown Soldier 2

During WWII, my father took part in the amphibious landings at Nettuno and Anzio, Italy – sometimes known as “the forgotten D-Day” – and was lucky enough to make it back home alive. He never talked about the horrors he witnessed while serving as a medic attached to the 33rd Field Hospital – Hell’s Half Acre, but he always honored those who didn’t return home to their families.

Anzio War Cemetery Grave 3In 2010, my sister and I traveled to Anzio to get a sense of the place where our dad served and to pay our respects at the Beach Head War Cemetery.

Anzio War Cemetery Grave 1 Anzio War Cemetery Grave 2So many young lives cut short …

Anzio War Cemetery Grave 4so many families torn apart.

Anzio War Cemetery Grave 5 Anzio War Cemetery Grave 6

I’d like to thank their families …

Anzio War Cemetery Grave 7and tell them they aren’t forgotten.

Anzio War Cemetery Grave 8 Anzio War Cemetery Grave 9Anzio Unknown Soldier 1

We will never forget the sacrifices made by both the soldiers and the civilian populations.

Anzio monument to civilians

Sadly, we didn’t get to visit the Sicily – Rome American Cemetery in Nettuno, but I fully intend to on my next trip.


5 thoughts on “On this day …

  1. Merci.Young Americans, Canadians, English men – to all who came to free, risked or lost their lives. I think of you often when enjoying my life and freedom in France.MERCI.

  2. This was a fine post. One thing my dad told me about the landing crafts was that the pilot needed to stand exposed over the steering wheel to bring the boat to shore and the enemy concentrated all their fire on them. It became harder and harder to get the boats close to shore for them and they opened up in deeper and deeper water. In the case of Normandy, then the tide started to come in.

    Interesting on his Higgens boat, out of 49 soldiers only he survived and his best friend drowned. Dad never blamed the pilots. A few years ago I visited Normandy and understood.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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