from the weekend …

Gazos Creek SB looking south with poppiesAfter a busy week spent preparing for our big move, we rewarded ourselves on Sunday with a trip to the coast. The beautiful Bean Hollow State Beach coastal trail beckoned, ablaze with blooming native wildflowers. Thank goodness for the recent rain showers!

pink wildflower 2 - Bean Hollow State Beach Coastal TrailBush Lupine - Bean Hollow State Beach

Yellow Bush Lupines - PescaderoDouglas Iris + invasive iceplants at Bean Hollow SB

Harbor Seals - Bean Hollow State Beach 2All along our walk, we saw large groups of Pacific harbor seals hauled out and resting on the rocks, including several newborn pups with their mothers. While on land, harbor seals are very wary of people. If startled or approached too closely, they’ll rush into the water (tragically, this is how young pups become separated from their mothers). Visitors should always keep a safe distance (300 feet), move slowly and talk in hushed tones. Remember to carry binoculars for a close-up view.

Harbor Seals along Bean Hollow Coastal TrailSwanton orgainic strawberries 1A trip to the coast just isn’t complete without a visit to Swanton Berry Farm (just north of Davenport, California) where we picked delicious organically grown strawberries and feasted on their homemade Tayberry shortcake – the perfect ending to the perfect day!


5 thoughts on “from the weekend …

    • Lupines – the blue flowers are a coastal ground hugging variety, while those with yellow flower spikes are a large native shrub. They smell lovely too.

  1. lovely day:-) Lovely photos:-) Bring all that beautiful weather our way, + no snow is allowed to come with you as you move to the Midwest:-) We finally have spring:-)

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