Friday Flora, Fauna & Fresh Air

Slow Coast Big BlueScenes from peaceful day spent along northern California’s slow coast.

Pescadero Beach looking northPigeon Point Lighthouse from a distancePigeon Pt Lighthouse + Heron

Shhhhh … don’t spook the heron.

Pigeon Point Heron Swanton Hummingbird 3

Swanton Hummingbird 4Swanton Hummingbird 2 Swanton Hummingbird 1Pigeon Point Lighthouse sunset 1

Have a wonderful weekend!


5 thoughts on “Friday Flora, Fauna & Fresh Air

    • My stomping ground as a kid, teen and college student were spent on Lake Michigan…oh, I have missed it. I have family in Tahoe + Sacramento + coastal areas that we use to visit as a kid, it is a beautiful place…For many years we have lived near The Great Mississippi and it has beaches, just different, but very beautiful in her own way!

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