Field Trip: Christmas Shopping … the California SLOWCOAST way

Slow Coast General Store 1My husband and I took Wednesday off and drove to the mall coast to finish our Christmas shopping.

Slow Coast map 1

Swanton Jam Tasting sign 1

Swanton Sunflowers 1Slow Coast General Store 3This is my kind of shopping … local, handmade products lovingly displayed in a vintage Airstream trailer, with a view of the ocean, on California’s beautiful SLOWCOAST.

In Slow We Trust sign

This is how the boutique looked over the summer (below) … oddly enough, it was sunnier in December than it was in August.

Slow Coast General Store Summer 1Slow Coast Gift BoxAfter picking up some CauseBars and handmade ceramic mugs, we popped into the Farm Stand at Swanton Berry Farm for half a dozen jars of their delicious jam.

Swanton Farm Stand Interior 2Swanton Sunflowers 3Swanton Farm Stand Interior 1

Mid-week, we had the place all to ourselves.

Swanton Sunflowers 2 Swanton Farm Make Art Not War signSwanton Farm Stand Interior 3Afterwards, we shared a slice of their sinfully delicious homemade cheesecake and a cup coffee. Outside. With a view of the ocean.

Swanton Spread JoyThen we visited the town of Pescadero to do a little more shopping (cheese! bread!) …

Pescadero Girl & Goat Christmas

and finally, we took a nice long walk on the beach before driving home.

Pescadero Beach SilhouetteChristmas shopping doesn’t get much better than this.


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