Friday Flora & Fresh Air

Arizona Garden late afternoonSince we’ve moved into the apartment, the route of our daily walk has changed and I’m finding new gardens to visit. My favorite this week was the lovely Arizona Cactus Garden on the campus of Stanford University. Originally designed and planted in the 1880s, many of the specimens tower overhead, making visitors feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland.

prickly pears + sky

The late afternoon light of my recent visit was mesmerizing and best of all, I had the garden all to myself. I counted several different types of ripe prickly pears ranging in color from yellow to red to pink; yet as tempted as I was (prickly pear juice is delicious!), I limited my investigation to those that had already fallen to the ground, strictly in search of seeds.


I can’t wait to return to this lovely garden and when I do, I’ll try to capture better shots of the prickly pears, chollas, agaves and barrel cacti blossoms. This garden is addictive!

Arizona Garden agaves

Have a wonderful weekend!


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