Letting Go

Eichler from street farewell

Eichler Courtyard from LR farewell

Kitchen rug farewell

Eichler Kitchen farewellHenrybuilt Walnut NicheEichler DR moring light farewell

Eichler bedroom farewell

Yesterday we bid farewell to our beautiful house, a one-of-a-kind 1964 Eicher designed by John Brooks Boyd that we lovingly restored. We put so much of ourselves into this house; it’s difficult to say goodbye. Of course, we’ll miss our Henrybuilt kitchen, but we’ll miss the privacy, quality of light, tall ceilings, tiny lizards sunning themselves each morning and our view of the mountains and foothills just as much, if not more.

Mountains, Foothills & Meyer Lemons

red hot Chili de Arbol

Green Tomato farewell

We planted this vegetable garden knowing full well that some things wouldn’t be ready to harvest until after we were gone, but it’s killing me to leave the little lime and lemon trees that I planted in the courtyard; they both have fruit that’s not quite yet ready to pick.

But knowing that our labor of love is going to a couple who truly appreciates it makes the gut wrenching task of letting go that much easier, and to welcome them to their new home, we left a little housewarming gift.

Spice Cabinet housewarming gift

As we took one last look around the house we love so much …

Eichler interior farewellEichler Fireplace farewell

we noticed two hummingbirds feeding off the Lemon Bottlebrush flowers in the backyard,

Lemon Bottle Brush farewell

and as we carried the very last box down to our car, the tell-tale sound of our resident quail (Chi – ca – go, Chi – ca – go) stopped us dead in our tracks and melted my heart.

Eichler Farewell SunsetThen we turned around and kissed our pride and joy goodbye.


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