The clock is ticking and time is flying by …

apartment Cleo flash

apartment Ficus lyrataapartment LR Slowly, slowly, slowly we’re making our temporary apartment feel like home (for those late to the party, we sold our house), but we still have some clothes plus a few odds and ends to move and the contents of our garage to dispose of … all by Halloween.

apartment Mimi hidingMimi has decided to hunker down under the covers until things settle down, and there are moments – when the packing & unpacking seem unbearable – that I feel like joining her.

apartment storagePlease forgive the blurry iphone images, in the chaos of moving I misplaced my camera.

apartment orchidAlthough I miss my beautiful, quiet house (I forgot what it’s like to have upstairs neighbors!) and tranquil garden – with it’s hummingbirds, lizards and quail – thankfully I have my cats, my sisters, my friends, my plants and most of all, my best friend, husband & partner to make the transition easier.

apartment Cleo

Life is good.


4 thoughts on “The clock is ticking and time is flying by …

  1. The home you sold was stunning!!! I read about it on another post/blog in my reader. It must be so hard to leave your home, but you are closer to family. Look forward to reading about your new life, new home, and new + old plants in your life…:-)

    • Awww, you’re sweet Robbie. We spent over three years restoring and renovating that house, so leaving has been a bit emotional. Writing about it has helped me deal with the stress and down the road, I’ll have the photographs to remind me of what we were able to accomplish. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for your kind words.

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