Heartaches, Attachments, Autumn

Autumn Leaves 1Flowering Cactus with shadow Seed Pods 1Prickly Pear Fruit 1Toyon in Autumn 1As I type these words, I’m trying to memorize the contented sound the quail make as they move through our yard. It goes something like this: whoop whoop whoop whoop. But I’m frustrated because that sound isn’t quite right and I’m quickly running out of time to learn it by heart. So each morning I scatter seed then wait, watch and listen. Then I go pack some more boxes. When I feel overwhelmed, I go outside to soak up some sun; inevitably, a tiny lizard joins me. Each evening a hummer pays us a visit and I delight in the sound of it’s wings. I want to capture these moments and file them away.

Last week I picked two limes from a tree I planted five years ago. They were first limes the little tree ever produced. Our Meyer lemons are starting to turn yellow, but they may not be ready in time. We bought and planted that tree six year ago, the very weekend we arrived in California. But it’s time to move on. We sold our house and we’ll be moving again soon. Wherever we land, I know we’ll plant yet another tree.

Now, do three favors for me, please?

Read this post by artist Lily Stockman and listen to this recording of the Mojave Desert at dawn by naturalists Sarah Koschak and Andrew Skeoch.

Then go hug someone you love.


4 thoughts on “Heartaches, Attachments, Autumn

    • Awww, thank you! It’s really not that awful; we’re choosing to move because we miss our family. I’m a bit embarrassed to say it, but I love our house and will miss it terribly, along with all of the birds, lizards and plants that live in our yard. Moving is always a bit traumatic; thanks for being so sweet.

  1. I have been a bit late reading blogs this week. I am sorry to hear you are moving and leaving your lovely place…I read above you were choosing to live closer to family..that is a good thing..and you can “create” a new beautiful place to be….your memories will go with you and they will never leave you…:-)

    • Thank you Robbie, you are absolutely right … we will always have our memories and living closer to our family is most definitely a good thing. I’m actually looking forward to planting a new garden (your posts will be very useful). Thanks again for the support!

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