Friday Flora & Fresh Air

Pyracantha berries 1Autumn has most definitely arrived: the Pyracantha shrubs are loaded with bright orange berries (to the delight of the birds) …

Chile de Arbol 3while in the vegetable garden, the Chile de Arbol peppers are finally turning red.

Chile de Arbol 2 Marigold in September

Sungold in SeptemberThe tomatoes are slowing down so I’m busy freezing what’s left. Meanwhile, the cool evenings are making me crave hearty dishes like the spaghetti with cheese and cracked black pepper – Cacio e Pepe – that we made last night. Upon tasting this wonderful dish in Rome, I bought a giant hunk of aged Pecorino so I could recreate the dish at home. If you’ve never had Cacio e Pepe, trust me … this dish will blow you away. It’s one of the most delicious, easiest and most authentic Roman pasta recipes you’ll ever taste. The dish relies only upon a few high quality ingredients: extra virgin olive oil, freshly cracked Tellicherry black peppercorns, aged Pecorino cheese, spaghetti and pasta cooking water. That’s it, except for this word of caution: this type of pasta waits for no one, so serve and eat immediately. Don’t waste time taking pictures … just enjoy!


One thought on “Friday Flora & Fresh Air

  1. Love all that red fruit and veggie pictures in your garden! Oh , I do agree that I am feeling the need to for “hearty dishes” and a bit of homemade apple crisp from apples out back! YUM….:-)

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