Friday Flora & Fresh Air

Phormium leaf tip 5 I know what you’re thinking.

Phormium leaf tip 3“Is she crazy? Doesn’t she ever learn?”

Phormium leaf tip 2 Now to tell you the truth, in all the excitement this morning I kinda lost track of myself.

Phormium leaf tip 4But being that this is a Phormium tenax, the most dangerous perennial monocot in my backyard and it has sent me to urgent care screaming in agony the last time it poked me in the eye, I had to ask myself one question, “Do I feel lucky?”

Phormium leaf tip 1Well, what do you think, punk?

Have a fun weekend, but be careful … it’s Friday the 13th.

p.s. the most dangerous monocot in my front yard is an agave; it’ll take your eye right out.


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