Friday Flora, Fauna & Fresh Air

Praying Mantis Portrait 1Isn’t this praying mantis beautiful? And isn’t it amazing what you can see when you take the time to actually look?

Praying Mantis with water dropletI noticed this lone mantid while checking the progress of the native California Toyons (Heteromeles arbutifolia) that I planted last year. Moving ever so slowly so as not to startle it, I did my best to observe this spectacular creature from all sides. That’s when I noticed the water droplet. After returning to my best vantage point, I settled down and simply watched. What came next was such a treat!

Praying Mantis grooming sequence 1

Praying Mantis grooming sequence 2 Praying Mantis grooming sequence 3 Praying Mantis grooming sequence 4 Praying Mantis grooming sequence 5 Praying Mantis grooming sequence 6

Praying Mantis in profile

Wasn’t that incredible?

Praying Mantis from belowThe coolest part is that it felt like this mantid was observing me as much I was observing it. This was yet another reminder of why I plant natives, choose to garden organically (without the use of pesticides) and refuse to employ a mow-and-blow crew.

To learn more about these formidable predators, click here, as well as here.

Have a wonderful weekend!


6 thoughts on “Friday Flora, Fauna & Fresh Air

  1. Great shots! So interesting:-) I wish I had a macro lens,too. I would say you did a darn good job with what you had—I bet it was pretty neat up close in person:-)

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