Friday Flora & Fresh Air

Lemon Bottlebrush Bee 1

My Lemon Bottlebrush hedge is in full bloom and the peculiar, yet extraordinarily beautiful flowers are attracting gobs of bees and hummingbirds.

Lemon Bottlebrush with bee in flight

The flowers really do look like bottle brushes.

Lemon Bottlebrush magical light

And when you crush the leaves, they really do smell like lemon.

Lemon Bottlebrush silhouette detail

Lemon Bottlebrush was one of the first plants to steal my heart when we moved here.

Lemon Bottlebrush Bud closeup

Any flower that unusual looking …

Lemon Bottlebrush bud opening 1so curiously different

Lemon Bottlebrush Bud opening 4and capable of attracting entire charms of hummingbirds is a winner in my book.

Lemon Bottlebrush Bee 2

Sadly, I’ve yet to capture a decent image of my beloved hummers, but I’ll keep trying.

Lemon Bottlebrush full bloom 2

Our fully established Lemon Bottlebrush hedge (labeled Callistemon lanceolatus on our original 1964 landscape plans) doesn’t require any irrigation, is always buzzing with activity and best of all, we can see it from both our study and living room. When we bought our house six years ago the hedge looked half dead, so I cut it down to the ground with a chainsaw. Seriously. The following spring, new growth shot up and within one year we had flowers. Now, we let the shrubs grow wild (they’re easily maintained at about nine feet tall), pinching them back when they get too leggy and to encourage more flowers. If you live in a mild climate (USDA zones 9 – 11) and are looking for a drought tolerant, evergreen hedge that will attract hummingbirds, Lemon Bottlebrush might just be the plant for you.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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