the best part of summer … homegrown tomatoes

Tomatoes first harvest 1Our four types of tomato plants have all started to produce, so I thought it would be fun to do a little side-by-side comparison. The largest is a Caspian Pink heirloom tomato – beefsteak sized and true to it’s name, more pink than red in color. The medium sized tomato sitting in the top right position is a Paul Robeson heirloom tomato. In the close-up shots below, notice the subtle stripes and lovely dark red color. Aren’t these beautiful? I’m loving these sliced on sandwiches.

Tomatoes first harvest 2We planted two types of cherry tomatoes this year: the orange ones are Sun Gold and the red ones are Sweet 100s. These little cherry tomatoes are so darn tasty, we gobble them right up; they get rinsed right in the yard and devoured on the spot. In the image below, I tried to show the Caspian Pink and Paul Robeson in profile – this really highlights the size difference between the two. By comparison, the Caspian Pink is similar in size to slightly smaller than a Yellow Brandywine – my favorite from last summer.

Tomatoes first harvest 3I’m curious, what tomato varieties did you plant this year and is there one that you can’t live without? Do tell!


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