Friday Flora & Fresh Air

kerry's dahlia 1 kerry's dahlia 2These beautiful dahlias were grown by my good friend Kerry – the same talented gardener who introduced me to Australian blue pumpkins and Calandrinia spectabilis. Kerry and her husband went to Europe for two months and I kept an eye on their garden – it’s a gem, just like Kerry.

pink margin succulent 1 pink margin succulent 2Don’t you just love the pink margins on this succulent.

I wish I could show you more of her garden, but sadly my flashcard was full.  Her peach and apple trees were loaded with fruit, the passionfruit were developing nicely, the corn was looking good and I ate of ton of strawberries, blackberries & blueberries on each visit! You’d think her yard was huge, but it isn’t. She grows all of this in a very small space, but she uses every square inch. I like that.

Have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Flora & Fresh Air

  1. Beautiful flowers and beautiful pictures ! You were talking about blue pumpkins, I didn’t even know they excist ! Do you have a picture of them ? I’d love to see one as I am a big fan of the colour blue !

    • Besides being a beautiful blue-green color, Australian Blue Pumpkins are delicious roasted – I love them! There is a photograph of one that I grew last summer in my post titled “Grow food, not lawns.” I’ll add a link. BTW – your garden is beautiful. I’m curious about those lemon cucumbers; I tried growing some this year, but they didn’t survive. Let me know how you like them. Thanks for reading!

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