Oh California, you vex me so!

Christmas in July 2 Dear California, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but Christmas in July is not a good look. It’s a tacky hot mess. Stop it, please.

Christmas in July 1When you leave your holiday lights and wreaths up year round, you come across as a bunch of lazy “laid back” lazy weather wimps with no shame or taste. What? Someone had to say it. And don’t even get me started with the wasteful lawns.

Christmas in July 3Palo Alto, allow me to remind you that you are blessed with mild weather all year round. What excuse could you possibly have for leaving these lights up?    Blah, blah, blah.       I’m sorry, but that’s rubbish. There is no excuse. Period.

And for anyone who thinks I’m being too harsh, please understand that this is far too common. These house are within mere blocks of one another; I can easily count a hundred similar houses within a one mile radius of my local pharmacy. This problem is ridiculously pervasive. And it drives me crazy. So dear California, the next time you decide to mock the Midwest or brag about how wonderful you are, please keep in mind that midwesterners routinely brave freezing cold weather to put up and take down their holiday lights. And they do so, typically without a single word of complaint, because they know that leaving holiday decorations up year round is simply not an option.

Thank you for listening.

Sincerely yours, a curiously different midwestern girl living in northern California.


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