Friday Flora & Fresh Air

Blue AgapanthusOur agapanthus are in full bloom and attracting mobs of hummingbirds, but despite my best efforts, I’ve yet to capture them with my camera. This, of course, is driving me mad.

Echeveria flowersThe hummers are also visiting this stalk of tiny Echeveria flowers, though I don’t know that it’s worth their effort; the instant the hummers try to take a drink, the flower stalk starts bouncing and swaying, making it difficult for the poor bird to even take a single sip.

Sweet Alyssum close upSweet alyssum – here in California, this “annual” never seems to die. Instead, it self sows to the point that it actually becomes a bit of a pest. But a pretty one nonetheless. Lime with ice crystalsMy limes are developing nicely; when I checked them this morning, they were covered in a layer of minute ice crystals that melted just moments after I captured this image. Can’t wait to harvest these, they’ll be the first limes I’ve ever grown and I’m pretty excited.

So that’s a glimpse of my garden. What’s blooming in yours?

Have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Flora & Fresh Air

    • Thank you for such kind words, but don’t be envious – a kitchen is, in the end, just a kitchen. I’m much more envious of your way with words, and your Black Walnut tree. Thanks for reading!

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