memories of my mom, on her birthday

Mom - age 5 portraitWanda Camilleri, age 5

Mom HS Grad in color Girls’ Catholic Central High School – Class of 1945 – Detroit, Michigan

Oct 4, 1947

 October 4, 1947

Mom - 5 Oct 1947 October 5, 1947

Kathleen & Mom - May 1963 With my sister Kathleen, 1963

Mom - Glen Lake 1966 Glen Lake, Michigan 1966

mom, dad, me Aug 1983

 August 1983 – my 16th birthday

Mom & Dad formal portrait

 circa 1990

mom & dad christmas 2003 Christmas 2003

If my mom were alive today, we’d be celebrating her 87th Birthday. She loved my dad, her kids, her friends, her Cadillac, pink roses and homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. She was always impeccably dressed, had a standing weekly appointment with her hair dresser and always wore perfume – her favorites included Chanel No. 5, Joy by Jean Patou and L’Air du Temps by Nina Ricci. She never left the house without lipstick, earrings and a rain cap in her purse (to protect her hair). After raising six children, she took classes at a community college and found work as a bookkeeper. Later, she enrolled in classes and became a realtor – a career she excelled at and loved. Despite not always getting along (we both had very strong personalities), I miss her terribly. I love you mom. Happy Birthday!


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