tastes like summer

Paul Robeson tomatoesSun Gold TomatoesJune 20, 2013. Regardless of the what the calendar says, summer officially began at our house this morning, when we harvested and devoured our first Paul Robeson and Sun Gold tomatoes. Can you believe tomorrow is the summer solstice? When I was much younger, I remember my dad telling me that time seemed to go by faster with each passing year.

He was right.

For those of us in the northern hemisphere, the June solstice isn’t just the longest day of the year, it also has the longest twilight, so you can be sure I’ll be outside tomorrow – savoring each and every moment. Won’t you join me? Here in California, I’ll be raising my cup of coffee for the start of civil twilight at 5:16 am PDT and hopefully, I’ll be in the garden for sunrise, at 5:47 am, feeding the birds.

If that’s too early, perhaps you’ll join me in toasting the wonderfully long … slow … sunset?

At precisely 8:32 pm PDT, my husband and I will be watching the sunset while enjoying a glass of wine. Then we’ll linger around for the end of twilight at 9:03 pm – making the length of our visible day 15 hours and 47 minutes long!

If we were “Up North” in Michigan’s cherry wonderland (one of my favorite places), twilight would begin at 5:17am & end at 10:08 pm, making the visible day an impressive 16 hours and 51 minutes long! Oh to be a kid again!

So here’s to summer – peach juice dripping down your chin, swimming in the lake, lunchtime BLTs made with homegrown tomatoes, cherry pit spitting contests, the smell of burgers on a charcoal grill, sand between your toes, the sound of waves gently washing up on shore and the thrill of staying up late, catching fireflies after dark.

first Paul Robeson tomato harvest

We lost one of our three ripe Paul Robeson tomatoes to the squirrels. On the bright side, all of the tomatoes we harvested taste fabulous. More good news: my lemon and lime trees are just loaded with developing fruit and the leaves smell incredible.

I’m curious, what tastes or smells remind you of summer?


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