Friday Flora & Fresh Air

Artichoke Flower bee 1Artichoke Flower bee buttArtichoke Flower bee 2
Artichoke Flower bee 3

When I realized I’d waited too long to harvest my remaining artichokes, I was a bit irritated with myself, but now that they’ve begun to flower, I’m actually quite pleased – I had such a blast watching this bee collect pollen this morning. I was utterly mesmerized! Afterwards, I was more than a little surprised to see that it was still able to fly – completely covered in pollen. All day long, bees have been visiting these artichoke flowers (wish I could taste the honey!) and hummingbirds have been swarming all over our agapanthus. I’ve counted at least two dozen hummers today, and I’m still counting. And as I type this, the quail are making their way down the hill, into our backyard. Last week, a lone bachelor visited. Then he brought his girlfriend. Yesterday we had three. And just now, I counted five! I absolutely love these visits, so you’ll have to excuse me – I don’t want to miss a single minute.

I hope your weekend is filled with wonder!


2 thoughts on “Friday Flora & Fresh Air

  1. I am also growing purple artichokes (violet de provence) and have never seen an artichoke flowering before (in person) and think I will definitely let some of them flower, they are beautiful!

    • The flowers are quite large and very unusual. Although the plant itself isn’t very attractive at this stage (it won’t be long before they go dormant and I’ll have to cut the entire plant back), the beautiful flowers more than make up for it. Thanks for reading!

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