Friday Flora & Fresh Air

sun gold tomato blossoms

Sun Gold

Paul Robeson blossom 1 Paul Robeson

Caspian Pink tomato blossoms 1 Caspian Pink

Sometimes, when I’m battling aphids, gophers or leaf curl in the blistering summer heat, I ask myself why I even bother growing tomatoes when I could just as easily buy them at the farmers’ market. But on mornings like this, I have no doubts whatsoever.

For anyone who’s curious, I purchased these seedlings (in 2″ pots) from Love Apple Farms on March 21, 2013. I transplanted them into one gallon pots and initially brought them indoors at night, as directed. Sadly, I was late getting them into the ground (not until May 4th) and as a result they had gotten rather leggy. Thankfully, they’ve filled out since then.

Caspian Pink tomato plant

From right to left you can see my simple, but very effective drip irrigation timer, my Caspian Pink tomato plant, a little Sweet 100 seedling that I bought on impulse last week and on the far left is a glimpse of my Paul Robeson – it’s about the same size as the Caspian Pink. My Sun Gold is planted in a different part of the yard and isn’t nearly as filled out. I wish I had planted it here; this side of the house gets about the same amount of sunlight (both face south-east), but we added all new soil and composted chicken manure. Soil amendments really do make a huge difference!


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