Friday Flora & Fresh Air

Agapanthus blossom closeupAgapanthus layers 1

Agapanthus BeeAgapanthus stripes
Agapanthus overhangThe Agapanthus in our front courtyard are starting to bloom and I couldn’t be happier! These South African natives are ubiquitous here in California and many of my neighbors consider them pedestrian; but I think they’re lovely, especially when planted in front of a solid background – be it a hedge or fence stained dark brown – to show off their form and color. One of my happiest moments in this house took place one summer evening as I sat quietly in our courtyard and watched in stunned silence as a charm of hummingbirds swooped past me to investigate our agapanthus and held me spellbound for several minutes. It’s happened several times since and although it never ceases to amaze and delight me, something about that evening will always feel special – a peak life experience for sure. I had never been surrounded by that many hummers before, it was magical.

On a side note, this is the 18th consecutive “Friday Flora & Fresh Air” post that I’ve written. I’ve always kept garden journals, but they’ve always been kept catch-as-catch-can. This marks is the first time I’ve ever diligently documented my garden week-by-week for four full months. Let’s hope I continue; my goal is to keep this going for one full year.

Wish me luck and have a wonderful weekend!


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