Good Design – it’s all in the Details

master bedroom 1One of my favorite rooms in our Eichler is our bedroom.  Our bed faces an entire wall of floor-to-ceiling glass that looks out onto a private garden. My husband and I, along with our two cats, enjoy watching the birds, butterflies and lizards that call this garden home.

master bedroom 2

Master Bathroom Door Closed
All of our interior doors were hand selected for beautiful wood grain; this one reminds me of a topographical map. Our bathroom door is rather unique. Watch what happens.

bathroom pivot door 1

bathroom door after sequence

 Look closely. This is the same door, as seen from inside the bathroom.

bathroom door sequence beforeThis is how it looked when we bought the house. We renovated the bathroom, but restored the door. Actually, we installed a new door using the original hardware; it was difficult, but totally worth the effort.

Master Bedroom Garden

The door allows two people to share the bathroom without sacrificing personal privacy. Best of all, the toilet is never visible from the bedroom. How cool is that?

Master Bathroom CabinetOther details worth mentioning: notice the way the skylight fills the bathroom with natural light; we never turn lights on during the day. LED strip lighting, concealed beneath the natural walnut “floating” cabinet, provides a soft glow at night that’s easy on the eyes during middle of the night bathroom visits. We found the vintage Schlage doorknobs and locksets (new and in their original boxes) at Designer’s Brass, a family owned hardware store in San Bruno. The owner purchased Schlage’s remaining inventory when they closed their San Francisco production facilities. The quality of these pieces simply can’t be matched; most of the sets made today have internal parts made of cheap plastic.

Eichler bathroom addition & pivot doorWe gave the bathroom a bit more elbow room by moving the exterior wall out three feet. This small addition makes it much, much easier to enter and exit the shower.

Heath Tile in ShowerWe chose made-to-order tile from Heath Ceramics in Sausalito for our master bathroom.  The wall tile is new crystal blue (G36.2) and the shower floor is matte brown (M39.2). We opted for a shower curtain instead of a glass shower enclosure; I prefer a bit more privacy thankyouverymuch.

And lastly, the heated floors are divine!


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