Demo ChampionI’d like to welcome everyone who has been so kind to pop over from Design*Sponge – thank you so much for visiting! I’d also like to thank those readers who’ve left such warm, generous comments – you’ve all made my day!

As promised, I posted some extra images that didn’t make it into the sneak peek (scroll down for that post) and for those who are interested, you can look at the original 1964 Eichler elevations and floor plans in this post here.

For anyone who can’t imagine my reluctance to get out of the car on my first visit to this house, I posted some photographs from that very first visit here.

For those readers interested in our kitchen, you can find more before, during & after shots  here and here. For those interested in gardening & photography, my Flora & Fresh Air posts are weekly real-time shots of my garden and the gardens of my friends and neighbors. You can also read about how we replaced our lawn with edibles in this post as well as this one here

Pour yourself a cup of tea and stick around a bit won’t you?

Thanks again for visiting!


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