Friday Flora & Fresh Air

Mock Orange 1 Mock Orange 3 Mock Orange Spider 1 Mock Orange Spider 3It’s a shame smell-a-vision doesn’t exist (seriously, why isn’t there an app for that?) because our 45 year old Japanese mock orange (Pittosporum tobira) shrubs are blooming and the fragrance is intoxicating. The slightest breeze fills the air with a scent similar to orange blossoms – it’s absolutely delicious.

In other garden related news, my orange clivias have finished blooming for the year; I was so sad to see the last blossom fall to the ground. On a happier note, I’m beginning to see buds forming on our Blue Nile Agapanthus in the front courtyard and our lemon bottlebrush shrubs are completely covered in bright red flowers – attracting oodles of hummingbirds. Our owl is back – hooting ever so softly – and my sister Kathleen flew in yesterday for a short visit. Life is good!

Have a wonderful weekend!


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