Friday Flora & Fresh Air

Calandrinia spectabilis 4Calandrinia spectabilis 1Calandrinia spectabilis 2

Calandrinia spectabilis 3

Calandrinia spectabilis – a drought tolerant Chilean native that not only thrives in full sun, it does so with gusto. In mild climates, this easy-to-grow succulent produces bright pink blossoms from mid-April to November while its blue-green-gray foliage looks good all winter long. The only caveat: this plant spreads quickly, so be sure to put it in a spot that doesn’t allow it to escape. On the plus side, Calandrinia spectabilis fills in fast (smothering out weeds in the process) and rarely needs supplemental water once established. Easily propagated, I used just three small pots of cuttings to transform this ten-foot long by three-foot wide border – it went from barren to lush within one month! This winning combination makes it an ideal candidate for the dreaded hell strip / inferno strip / parking strip garden.


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