Friday Flora & Fresh Air

Rhaphiolepis Pink Indian Hawthorn

Our forty year old Rhaphiolepis rosea (Pink Indian Hawthorn) shrub is in full bloom and it’s utterly beautiful! I’m not normally one to gush over pink flowers, but this dense, compact evergreen shrub is  just so agreeable, so unfussy, so incredibly easy to grow – I can’t help but adore it. And the glossy, leathery green leaves just add to the allure. Since moving to California, I now associate this lovely shrub with Spring as it always seems to begin blooming just in time to create an Easter floral bouquet. I’m so glad I didn’t get rid of it!

Euphorbia Blue HazeThe Euphorbia ‘Blue Haze” that we planted last fall is also in full bloom. These easy to grow, drought resistant compact plants grow 18″ tall and wide, but beware of their milky white sap – it irritates the skin on contact. I learned this the hard way: I had a wicked rash that lasted an entire week and sent me to the dermatologist – so wear long sleeves and thick gloves when cutting these back. Regardless, their bluish green leaves and chartreuse “flowers” (technically, fused bracts) are just stunning when planted against a dark background.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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