Happy Easter!

Easter 1969

 Easter 1969

Dad K & C 1968 Easter 1968

Easter 1966 Easter 1966

Growing up, Easter morning was one of my all-time favorite days of the year, ranking right up there with Christmas and my birthday, of course. After the torture of Lent and Easter Vigil mass, my brothers, sisters and I couldn’t wait to dig into our Easter baskets. None of us really cared for jelly beans, but we’d attack the chocolate bunny and robin’s egg malt balls with gusto. Afterwards, we’d feast on my mom’s oven roasted ham with homemade scalloped potatoes and deviled eggs – one of my absolute favorite meals to this day. If the budget allowed for it, we’d also have asparagus, but peas were more likely. My dad would get a fresh jar of horseradish sauce and we’d all laugh as his eyes would tear up with each bite. Eventually, dares would be made – double dog dares – to see who could eat the horseradish sauce without coughing, crying or wincing. Later, leftovers meant ham and eggs for breakfast along with ham and cheese sandwiches for lunch – all favorites of mine to this day.

As an adult I’ve opted out of organized religion but still celebrate Easter and the arrival of Spring by making ham, scalloped potatoes and deviled eggs. And I’ll buy a jar of fresh horseradish sauce to keep some of my fondest memories alive.

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!


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