Fields of Poppies

field of poppies 2 field of poppies 3 field of poppies 4 field of poppies 5 field of poppies 7 field of poppies 1This lovely field of California poppies, lupines and other wildflowers isn’t a “field” at all; it’s actually a hell strip – the long, narrow bit of dirt stuck between the road and sidewalk – located not far from where I live. What a fabulous way to brighten up that often barren strip of useless land! In the next several weeks l’ll be highlighting clever ways to make use of the dreaded hell strip, so do check back if that’s something that interests you.

If you’d like to try growing California poppies in your own yard, here are some tipsI found this article to be helpful too. The poppy seeds I started a while back have developed into nice sized plants, but as of yet, they have no flower buds. In the meantime, I’d love to make a trip to Antelope Valley. Each spring, this California State Reserve comes alive with poppies, lupines and the artichoke shaped flowers of the Joshua Tree. Eight miles of trails, including a paved section for wheelchair access, make this a wonderful place to enjoy the peaceful natural beauty of the Mojave Desert grasslands. Check out this YouTube video to see why Antelope Valley is considered the most impressive poppy meadow in all of California. It’s an amazing sight!

Finally, here’s a link to an incredible field of poppies located across the pond. Although they aren’t California poppies, the blood red poppies growing at Blackstone Farm nature reserve in Bewdley, Worcestershire are just so beautiful, I simply had to include them in this post. This awe-inspiring field blooms for a single week each year and photographer Alan Ranger captured the scene in all it’s glory. The images took my breath away!


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