Purple Rain

hardenbergia violacea canoelands 5 hardenbergia violacea canoelands 4Although I try to plant mostly California natives in our yard – since native plants tend to require the least water while supporting the greatest number of birds, butterflies and beneficial insects – I do sneak in the occasional non-native, so long as it performs well without being needy; Hardenbergia violacea ‘Canoelands’ is one such plant. A member of the pea family, this evergreen climbing vine (native to Austrialia) isn’t thorny like bougainvillea, it isn’t thirsty like clematis and it isn’t aggressive like wisteria. This vine climbs to manageable height via twisting stems that never get very thick or woody, making it very easy to control. Best of all, the purple cultivar ‘Canoelands’ flowers profusely from January to June!


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