Friday Flora & Fresh Air at Land’s End

Lands End Purple FlowersLands End PoppyLands End FlowersWhile walking along the trails at Lands End in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, you may wonder why, in some places, you see more blue plastic flags than wildflowers. Well, those blue flags mark the location of newly planted native seedlings. Thanks to the work of countless Park Steward volunteers, over 100,000 native plants and wildflowers have been planted since 2006 in an effort to restore critical bird habitat, reduce erosion and enhance the natural beauty at Land’s End and at other National Parks. These weekly volunteers remove invasive weeds, plant seedlings, collect seeds, maintain trails, remove litter and learn about local wildlife and plants while working outside, surrounded by the sound of songbirds and crashing waves. Join us won’t you?

Volunteers of all ages are welcome and no experience is necessary. Drop-ins are welcome, but registration is highly encouraged. Get involved by checking this website for upcoming volunteer events in San Francisco, Marin and San Mateo Counties. Perhaps you might like to learn to grow and care for native plants at the Presidio Nursery or learn to identify and eradicate invasive plants while hiking the Marin Headlands? Plenty of opportunities exist for you to lend a hand for a few hours while enjoying the fresh air.

Lands End Leave Your Voice 4Enjoy your weekend!


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