Friday Flora & Fresh Air

acacia dealbata 2The Acacia dealbata are blooming throughout the neighborhood, causing our allergies to flare up (I get the nasal drip, my husband gets the itchy eyes and sneezing). So although these flowering trees are beautiful and remind me of Dr. Seuss, I’d love to cut them all down. I could have used more fresh air and less of this flora on my walk this morning!

acacia dealbata 3 purple flowerI’m still learning the names of plants out here. For now, I call this one purple mystery.

cacti 1These cacti are growing in a neighbor’s yard about a half mile away. They have the most  impressive collection of cacti and succulents I’ve ever seen. It’s truly beautiful. I’ve been admiring their garden for the last three years and finally met them over the weekend. As we were talking, they gave me two new aeoniums to add to my garden! The branches had fallen on the ground and new roots were forming. I planted them as soon as I arrived home and so far, they’re looking like they might make it.

cacti 4Several of the cacti are taller than me and others are as big as my little finger. Obviously, this is an example of the former, not the latter.

orangesThese oranges are in another neighbor’s yard, the same one that has the Magnolia tree and flowering quince from last Friday. You can see the flowering quince still in bloom in the background. This is yet another yard I admire. They have a large vegetable garden in one area, citrus, apple and ornamental trees in another area, a variety of native shrubs and flowers scattered amongst the trees and no lawn whatsoever. It’s lovely. And it won’t be long before the thousands of California poppies growing throughout their garden begin to bloom. I can hardly wait!

This is the fourth “Friday Flora & Fresh Air” post I’ve written and although it may seem dorky, I enjoy photographing what’s in bloom in our yard, and in our neighborhood – in real time. It helps me learn new plants, it keeps my memory sharp and it’ll make a useful record that I can refer to in the future. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Have a wonderful weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Flora & Fresh Air

    • Thank you for the kind words. Those oranges are lovely aren’t they? There’s a house not too far away that has a Meyer lemon tree loaded with fruit that they never harvest; loads of lemons rotting on the ground and it breaks my heart. I’d love to sneak into their yard! Who knows, maybe I’ll put a note in their mailbox asking for some. I’d love to make marmalade. Thanks for stopping by!

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