Friday Flora & Fresh Air

Magnolia 2Magnolia 1Magnolia 3Magnolia 4Magnolia 7These images of my neighbor’s magnificent Magnolia tree were composed yesterday on my morning walk. New flower petals, covered with dew, sparkled in the early morning light while the ground, littered with spent blossoms, looked like it was covered with confetti. All around me, birds were singing. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to start my day. As I stood there, silently observing the beauty all around me, lines from two of my favorite poems kept running through my mind …

“Every day I see or hear something that more or less kills me with delight, that leaves me like a needle in the haystack of light.”

– from Mindful by Mary Oliver (Why I Wake EarlyBeacon Press, 2004)


“Instructions for living a life:  Pay attention.  Be astonished.  Tell about it.

– from Sometimes by Mary Oliver (Red Bird, Beacon Press, 2008).

Have a wonderful weekend!


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