Original 1964 Eichler Plans, by architect John Brooks Boyd

photo-4From the street, a long horizontal façade – part garage, part fence – shields the front courtyard and interior living space (with floor-to-ceiling fixed glass walls) from the street. From the courtyard, as well as from inside the house, views of the Santa Cruz mountains and nearby foothills are perfectly framed while privacy is preserved.



Three revisions were made to these plans prior to construction: (1) the extendable table was never installed in the kitchen, (2) the rear bedroom sliding glass door was moved from the west elevation to the north elevation, allowing it to face the backyard, not the side yard as shown, and (3) a narrow vertical “sliver” window with frosted glass was added to the west elevation of the rear bedroom. These last two changes give each bedroom a private outdoor living space and patio, in two completely separate parts of the property – as illustrated on the landscape plan shown below.

photo-7photo-11This last image is an enlargement of the front courtyard; note how it relates to the living room, kitchen and entry. Also, note the two fences that enclose the courtyard. The linear fence that runs parallel to the living room windows (and parallel to the street) is very important – this fence separates the courtyard from the street and functions as the front “wall” or façade of the house (sadly, a surprising number of people don’t “get” this). The curved screen, standing slightly lower than the front fence and curving inside to overlap with it, is simply marvelous; it frames our view while simultaneously shielding us from our next-door-neighbor’s driveway. These are just a few of the little details that made us fall in love with this classic mid-century modern house.


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