Day 7: Happy Memories


Sledding_-_DadK_&_C_Sledding_Sledding_-_D,K&CSledding_-_CarolynHines Drive Park, Michigan, circa 1979

These photographs were taken by my mom.  I’m the lanky twelve year old in the yellow coat with red mittens and stocking hat.  Joining me is my sister Kathleen, about seventeen years old in these photos, and my dad, who was about 55 at the time.

I remember this day like it was yesterday. I had been wishing for snow and when we finally had a light dusting, I begged my parents to take me sledding. There are so many things I love about this series of photos. I love how you can clearly see my enthusiasm and my sister’s indifference. I love that my dad is holding a cardboard box; we couldn’t find a second sled so he decided he’d use a cardboard box instead! I love that my mom caught me flying down the hill (her shining moment as a photographer, she was famous for taking terrible photographs and usually cut off someone’s head), headed straight towards the trash cans at the bottom – what was I thinking?  I love the long shadows and soft winter light. I can still feel the cold and hear the crunch of snow under our feet. When I look at these photographs, I’m twelve all over again and wishing for snow.


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