wise words


Montefioralle - Tuscan faucet

“Water is precious.  Don’t waste it!  Always close the tap completely. Thank you”

Succinct yet polite (and elegantly presented in true Italian style), my sister Kathleen and I saw this after a relaxing lunch in the Tuscan village of Montefioralle in late October of 2010. It’s an important reminder in any language, don’t you agree?


gold & diamonds

Ginkgo gold 6Ginkgo gold 4 Ginkgo gold 9 Gingko goldGinkgo gold 11It’s been raining almost continuously for the better part of the last five days – soft, gentle showers that continue for hours on end (excellent weather for baking, reading and sleep). Every now and again there’s a break and during one such lull we took a walk and found a group of ten Gingko trees still holding onto their leaves – some more than others. Beneath several trees an undisturbed golden carpet had already formed, while the leaves of other trees still clung tight to the branches. As we stood surveying the scene, we were awestruck by the ephemeral beauty. Just then, the sun peeked through the clouds and illuminated one side of the square, making every leaf sparkle and glow with a dazzling intensity. For a fleeting moment, everything turned to gold and diamonds.

drinking the wild air

Autumnal orangeAs hard as it is to believe (at least for this midwesterner), this burst of autumnal color just took place; oddly timed but beautiful nonetheless.

Autumnal shades of redDespite my best efforts, I doubt I’ll ever get used to the timing of “seasons” here in northern California. Case in point, just across the street from where I captured these images, roses and hydrangeas were still in bloom.

Autumnal shades of orange

This year we spent Thanksgiving with friends, marveling once again at our ability to pick rosemary and sage fresh from the garden (in late November!) while relaxing outside before dinner (barefoot and dressed in shirtsleeves) …

Autumnal glory… celebrating the purchase of our new home (we actually closed the previous day)!

Autumnal puddlesThe exhausting search is finally over. Soon we’ll move and get settled. I can hardly wait!